Monday, September 19, 2005

In The Middle Of The Vacation

I went to Hokkaido with my family. First day, we queued up for one hour to eat mutton barbecue for dinner. Hokkaido was cool, so we didn't feel sticky and the dinner was good.
Next day, we went to the glasshouse and I blew glass. There was very hot and the kiln temperature was over 1,000 ℃. The glass looked very good, and I gave it to my grandfather. He was very pleased. Another day, we went to the Asahiyama Zoo. Do you know? It locates on northernmost and has the most gate in Japan. It is popular because its way of showing is unique. Fanciers made hay out of animals instinct. I recommend you to go there. You must be surprised at close range.
The trip was, on the whole, special for me.


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