Wednesday, August 10, 2005

At The Beginning Of My Summer Vacation

How are you? How is your vacation?
At the beginning of my summer vacation, my friends who belonged to the school band club with me in high school and I shot off fireworks on the riverside where we do it every summer. That day was very humid, so a lot of vermin appeared. It was terrible, but we had a good time.
On the other day, I went to the KOBE SWEETS HARBOR with my friend. Do you know there? There are a lot of shops which many attractive sweets are sold by. We had lunch in that building, and bought a souvenir. Though we thought that we would eat a lot of sweets, we couldn't. I think it is impossible to eat many sweets. Because there is very sweet smell, we feel fullness just to smell it. So, if you want to eat all the kind of sweets, you must go there many times.

Enjoy your summer!