Monday, June 27, 2005

The Summer Holidays!

I have a plan to go to the Tokyo Disney Land with Shiho, Chiemi and Kanako.H. by bullet train in early September. We are looking forward that! But the only problem is that it will cost us to go by bullet train and to stay at a hotel which is close to TDL. Why will we travel? Because we want to lead a full summer holiday solid! So, we will enjoy it!

I will study English during the summer holidays, too. Because I am planning to take an English certificate examination in October. I will study using authorized textbooks. I will do my best!


Blogger koko said...

Hi! Today, Shiho and I promised we come to school early. But Shiho was late. So, please scole her for being late is bad.
I read your blog. I'm looking forward to go to TDR. Now I search for any plan. Which plan can go in cheap plice. Until now, 12300 yen is the cheapest plan. But I want to find more cheap, please cooperate with me!!

8:07 PM  

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