Friday, May 20, 2005

Dream Man

I am looking for the man of my dreams. He should be about 1.75 tall and weigh about 65kg. This person should have black hair and black eyes, and I want someone who likes to listen to music and is also intetesed in playing sports. I hope this person likes to listen to classical music and likes to eat fruits because these are my favorites. I hope I can find my ideal mate,who has a kind personality and one who also likes animals,especialy rabbits.


Blogger Stitch said...

Your dream man is very nice! I don't know you like person who has black hair and black eyes. You like Japanese don't you? I like person who has gold or brown hair and blue eyes. I also like classic music, I want to find the man who likes classic music! If you find an ideal man, Plese tell me first! From your best friend, Stitch(^_^)

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