Thursday, May 05, 2005

CHIEMI's Health Habits

1,Do you smoke? No
2,How much coffee do you drink? often
3,How much alcohol do you drink? twice a week
4,How much water do you drink? sometimes
5,How often do you eat fresh fruit and vegetables? everyday
6,How often do you eat junk food? twice a month
7,Are you overweight or underweight? underweight
8,Do you take vitamines? Yes
9,How often do you exercise? twice a week
10,What kind of exercise do you do? walking
11,Do you usually take the stairs or the escalator? the escalator
12,Do you often breathe smoky or polluted air? Yes
13,Do you often feel tired or stressed? Yes
14,What do you do to deal with stress? talk with friends
15,How many hours do you usually sleep a night? about six hours
16,How often do you go to the dentist? once a year
17,Do you have regular medica checkups? No
18,Do you protect yourself from the sun and avoiding using tanning clinics? Yes
19,Do you regularly use chemical hair dyes or bleaches? Yes
20,Do you ever read books about health? No


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