Monday, September 19, 2005

In The End Of The Vacation

I went to the Tokyo Disney Land with Shiho, Chiemi, and Kanako. Shiho and I were going to got on the bus at Shin-Osaka. But we didn't know where we should go, so we were impatient about that. We could get on the bus eventually, and we arrived at TDL.
First, we went to the "SEA", and next day, we went to the "LAND" . We could ride more attractions than we expected.
We had a very good time. We want to go there, don't we? (^-^)♪

In The Middle Of The Vacation

I went to Hokkaido with my family. First day, we queued up for one hour to eat mutton barbecue for dinner. Hokkaido was cool, so we didn't feel sticky and the dinner was good.
Next day, we went to the glasshouse and I blew glass. There was very hot and the kiln temperature was over 1,000 ℃. The glass looked very good, and I gave it to my grandfather. He was very pleased. Another day, we went to the Asahiyama Zoo. Do you know? It locates on northernmost and has the most gate in Japan. It is popular because its way of showing is unique. Fanciers made hay out of animals instinct. I recommend you to go there. You must be surprised at close range.
The trip was, on the whole, special for me.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

At The Beginning Of My Summer Vacation

How are you? How is your vacation?
At the beginning of my summer vacation, my friends who belonged to the school band club with me in high school and I shot off fireworks on the riverside where we do it every summer. That day was very humid, so a lot of vermin appeared. It was terrible, but we had a good time.
On the other day, I went to the KOBE SWEETS HARBOR with my friend. Do you know there? There are a lot of shops which many attractive sweets are sold by. We had lunch in that building, and bought a souvenir. Though we thought that we would eat a lot of sweets, we couldn't. I think it is impossible to eat many sweets. Because there is very sweet smell, we feel fullness just to smell it. So, if you want to eat all the kind of sweets, you must go there many times.

Enjoy your summer!

Monday, June 27, 2005

The Summer Holidays!

I have a plan to go to the Tokyo Disney Land with Shiho, Chiemi and Kanako.H. by bullet train in early September. We are looking forward that! But the only problem is that it will cost us to go by bullet train and to stay at a hotel which is close to TDL. Why will we travel? Because we want to lead a full summer holiday solid! So, we will enjoy it!

I will study English during the summer holidays, too. Because I am planning to take an English certificate examination in October. I will study using authorized textbooks. I will do my best!

Monday, June 20, 2005

How was my demonstration speech?

I think my demonstrarion was good. I was not nervous but it was my bad habit of seeing seiling, so I want to cure it.
I memorized my lines, but sometime I read them.
I think it is fun to use Power Point slides! I also think it takes us too much time.
I think our classmate's speeches were great! Their speeches were interesting and exciting! I think HIROMI's speech was the best. Since then, I have hung out the washing facing the East.
I will practice emphasizing and speaking more fluently. I will try to make a better speech next time!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Dream Man

I am looking for the man of my dreams. He should be about 1.75 tall and weigh about 65kg. This person should have black hair and black eyes, and I want someone who likes to listen to music and is also intetesed in playing sports. I hope this person likes to listen to classical music and likes to eat fruits because these are my favorites. I hope I can find my ideal mate,who has a kind personality and one who also likes animals,especialy rabbits.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

CHIEMI's Health Habits

1,Do you smoke? No
2,How much coffee do you drink? often
3,How much alcohol do you drink? twice a week
4,How much water do you drink? sometimes
5,How often do you eat fresh fruit and vegetables? everyday
6,How often do you eat junk food? twice a month
7,Are you overweight or underweight? underweight
8,Do you take vitamines? Yes
9,How often do you exercise? twice a week
10,What kind of exercise do you do? walking
11,Do you usually take the stairs or the escalator? the escalator
12,Do you often breathe smoky or polluted air? Yes
13,Do you often feel tired or stressed? Yes
14,What do you do to deal with stress? talk with friends
15,How many hours do you usually sleep a night? about six hours
16,How often do you go to the dentist? once a year
17,Do you have regular medica checkups? No
18,Do you protect yourself from the sun and avoiding using tanning clinics? Yes
19,Do you regularly use chemical hair dyes or bleaches? Yes
20,Do you ever read books about health? No